Are you looking for a game without many instructions on what you need to do but has some of the best online benefits? Well, the online casino game, part of Microgaming casinos that has received much support and praise from various stakeholders.
Because it is a product of one of the world’s renowned online gaming developers, gamers have no reason to doubt what they have. Looking at the game, someone can easily say that it is indeed an elite online slot of the century.
The online slot features some free spins, quality graphics, amazing and lucrative prices as well as fantastic animations that depict some oriental cards and their terminologies.


Since it is a sequel of Avalon I slots, it is reasonable to believe that more adjustments have been done to ensure the mistakes and setbacks that are or were witnessed in Avalon I are no longer repeated.

As such, the developer has added in the Microgaming casinos another reason to s mile following the immense work that has been done by the developer.

With over 234 potential winning ways, who will deny that the developer does not have other people’s interests at heart?
Of all the character symbols in Avalon II slots at Microgaming Casinos, it is god that you monitor the movements of Black Knight. Why?

If your eyes are fixed elsewhere, you will miss several chances of getting closer to the Holy Grail, your ultimate prize that you are supposed to reclaim.

But even so, the Black Knight is also generous. Often times, the Black Knight has been known to reward clients with generous rewards such as 0.10, o.06 and 2.00 for players who spin the third to fifth reel on a payline that is active.

As you continue with your spin, you will real that there are several categies of prizes that are given by different characters.

Arthur, who is the king, will issue a prize of 0.02, 0.40, 1.50, and a whopping 10.00 for double, treble, quadruple and full quintuple respectively.

The biggest awarder of them all however, is the Avalon 2 Logo. This symbol pays players who are lucky some 0.05, 1.00, 5.00, and 20.00.

Bust as mentioned in the opening paragraph and a few sentences that followed, this online slot has amazing bonuses for clients who are loyal.

Majorly, those that are considered eligible for these eight bonuses are those players that show their zeal in trying to locate the Holy Grail.

  • These eight magical prizes that you are likely to receive as you continue in your quest to find the Holy Grail are:
  • Misty Vale, which earns a player some 15 free spins
  • Lake of Legend which will give you a chance to collect lots of prices for finding shattered sword and reassembling it.
  • Morgans Keep that gives players a chance to earn 20 free spins
  • Isle of Avalon, which will give you an ultimate price but you have to keep spinning.
  • Whispering Wilds give cash prizes as well as multipliers
  • Hall of shadows for recovering the Holy Grail once you defeat the all-time obstacle, Black Knight
  • Forest Falls
  • Dusty Moors where you need to match only two helms to emerge a winner.